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Is reconstructive plastic surgery covered after an accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2024 | Car Accidents

Car crashes in West Virginia can cause an infinite assortment of different injuries. Some people break their arms because they brace for impact. Others suffer head injuries because of the violent motions that occurred during the collision.

The flying glass and sharp edges of a damaged vehicle could also potentially cause disfiguring injuries. Severe scars and burn injuries are among the disfiguring injuries possible after a car crash. Injuries that change someone’s appearance can negatively impact their mental health and possibly also their career.

Can someone left with disfiguring injuries after a West Virginia crash request compensation to pay for reconstructive plastic surgery?

Some cases may warrant such compensation

Plastic surgery can drastically change how someone looks, and often it is an entirely voluntary process with no real medical necessity. As a general rule, insurance companies typically do not cover elective or purely cosmetic procedures.

However, disfiguring injuries can have an impact on people’s mental health and their long-term well-being. Therefore, it is sometimes possible for those with significant scarring after a car crash to request compensation for treatment to improve their appearance.

Typically, people would need medical evidence affirming their claim that the crash caused disfiguring injuries to visible locations such as the face, neck, chest and hands. They would also need evidence supporting their claim that the scars or wounds have affected their mental health or earning potential.

The attempt to secure compensation for unusual and expensive care, including reconstructive or plastic surgery, can make an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit far more difficult to manage. Often, if a crash caused severe enough injuries to leave someone with disfiguring scars, the emergency care people required after the wreck may have already used up the majority of the available liability insurance coverage.

Many people may have to consider a personal injury lawsuit when a West Virginia car wreck leaves them with scars that alter their appearance and self-esteem. A thorough review of someone’s medical records and information about the crash can help people evaluate whether they have a strong case given the circumstances.

Holding the right party accountable for the long-term consequences of a car crash may sometimes necessitate going to civil court.