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Reliable Support For A Homeowner’s Fire Claim

Picking up the pieces of your life after a devastating house fire can be challenging enough without having to face the often overly aggressive stance of insurance companies when you make a claim. We at Wiseman Law Firm, PLLC, have seen this all too often – individuals and families put on the defensive, accused of trying to defraud insurance companies when all they want is to find closure, pick up the pieces and move forward.

If you have been denied trying to obtain the insurance benefit you are entitled to under the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy following a house fire, contact our Wood County office, just north of Parkersburg, West Virginia, today. We are a client-driven firm with the resolve to make a difference. Call 304-314-4768.

Deplorable Conduct

We have unfortunately seen families displaced following a fire in the home. Adjusters may sell inadequate insurance or undervalue a home so that even if they honor a claim, the insured will not receive the proper amount of insurance benefit to cover the fire losses. Perhaps most reprehensible is the treatment our clients have received at the hands of their insurance companies. Too often, insurance companies give a pittance to the victims of a fire and then treat the victims as if they are guilty of a crime.

One Client’s Story

When a couple inherited their home and farm property, they set to work refurbishing it, making it their dream home. In financing the project, the family learned they needed insurance but were told they were not eligible for standard policies. Instead, they obtained a surplus line policy. Soon after, the wife was diagnosed with cancer. During a visit to the hospital for chemotherapy, the couple discovered their house had burned down in a fire. The insurance company only covered the couple for the cost of food and a hotel for two days. After the wife’s death, the insurance company sued our client, alleging he obtained insurance fraudulently. Through our efforts in uncovering misconduct on the part of the insurer, we were able to obtain a substantial settlement for our client.

Possible Causes Of A Homeowner’s Fire Claim

There are a number of possible causes for a homeowner’s fire claim. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Cooking accidents: Cooking is one of the leading causes of home fires. Grease fires, unattended cooking and electrical fires are all common causes of cooking-related fires.
  • Electrical fires: Electrical fires can be caused by several things, such as faulty wiring, overloaded circuits and appliances that are not adequately maintained.
  • Heating equipment fires: Heating equipment, such as furnaces and fireplaces, can also cause fires. Several things, such as improper installation, lack of maintenance and overloading equipment, can cause these fires.
  • Candle fires: Candle fires are another common cause of home fires. These fires can be caused by a few circumstances, such as candles left unattended, candles placed too close to flammable materials and candles knocked over.
  • Arson: Arson is the intentional setting of a fire. Arson can be motivated by several things, such as revenge, insurance fraud or covering up a crime.
  • Wildfires: Wildfires can also damage or destroy homes. Several things, such as lightning strikes, human carelessness and arson, cause wildfires.

These tragedies can devastate your family home and leave you and your family struggling with what you can do next.

Proving You Were Not At Fault

In some cases, a homeowner may need to prove that they were not at fault for a fire to be covered by their insurance policy. You may need to provide evidence that the fire was caused by an act of God, like a lightning strike, or by another party, like a neighbor who was careless with a bonfire.

When a homeowner is found to be at fault for the fire, they may not be covered by their insurance policy. In these situations, the insurance company may tell you to pay for repairs or replacement of your damaged property out of your own pocket.

It is important to note that the specific requirements for proving that you were not at fault for a fire will vary depending on your insurance policy. If you have any questions about your policy, you should contact your insurance company or a skilled attorney.

Dependable Legal Counsel

Our lawyers have extensive experience working in insurance defense and apply their insight and knowledge to defend the rights of individuals and families who have been the victims of insurance company misconduct. We know the games adjusters play and understand how to obtain proper compensation for our clients.

At Wiseman Law Firm, PLLC, we work hard to give you the peace of mind you need to move forward following an injury or other debilitating event. A validating, supportive presence, our attorneys work tirelessly to help you get the compensation you deserve so you can focus on physical recovery without financial stress. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. Call 304-314-4768 or contact us online to make an appointment.